Death Race

This looks really cool.

There’s a trailer here:

That looks sexy, kinda like Wacky Races for adults. Although it will probably be a good idea to leave your brain outside the cinema’s front door and collect on the way back home :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: .

That looks like my sort of flick :slight_smile: No doubt it’s absolutely rubbish, but it certainly looks entertaining!

Actually, the truck kinda reminds me from the ones in Land of the Dead and the new (non-Romero) Dawn of the Dead :!:

The review for this online:

3 stars

Sounds like fun. The only problem is that it’s released less than 24 hours before I leave the country… :frowning:

Still enough time to watch it once or thrice :slight_smile:

Lol! My only criticism is that a major plot twist was given away in the trailer. :evil:

I didn’t know it had a plot. Who needs one when you’ve got cars with machine guns on them.

I saw the trailer for that in the cinema and I can’t wait! It looks completely awesome! How could anyone not want to see it?!

Indeed… aiden, george and i saw a trailer for “Strangers” last night… that did not look quite as funky as this does!

Looks pretty good if it has jason stratham in, i think we can assume it is not period dramas stratham stars in.

There’s news of a prequel in the mist :!:

Death Race prequel

Sounds fun. Who’ll they cast in the lead though? After all I guess they won’t be able to cast the Stath again.

Unless they steal his brain and replace it with some sort of machine that he has to keep running until just before he’s picked up in film one?

Oh wait, that’s something else…