Die Hard 5

Bruce Willis says he think it will happen. :smiley:

Not sure about the idea he suggests for it. I rather like the idea of going full circle and setting it in a skyscrapper again. Maybe even killing McClane off while Willis can still play the character (and before some studio exec somewhere decides to reboot it with Zac Efron as John McClane…)

If Zac Efron becomes the new John McClane we’d have a riot on our hands, and I’d be at the front of it. [size=7]grrr Zac Efron[/size]
But Die Hard 5 would be one ‘yet another sequel’ I’d actually consider seeing. I’ve seen all the other ones except for 3 and love the Willis.

I thought 4 as at least as good as any other than the first.

If they can keep churning out good quality sequels, why not keep going? I’m looking forward to DH5 now… :slight_smile:

Chris Pine is the guy.
Great for reboots.

Come on now, everyone knows a horrible reboot is the perfect excuse to destroy continuity. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wasn’t particularly enthused with Live Free or Die Hard (4), although it did have its moments. I think a fifth would just be overkill.

I agree with Alex. I liked die hard 4 but thought it was a bit stupid. 5 would be shocking. No one wants to see bruce willis in a adult nappie and a zimmer frame trying to disarm a bomb so he can get an early bird dinner.

[quote=“Mathendacil”]Chris Pine is the guy.
Great for reboots.[/quote]

I can’t see him in DH, though…

Some more news the next installment which is looking more and more likely.

Thanks, the new forums are confusing me a little still!


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