Die Hard 5

It actually looks like it might happen! :slight_smile: The director they’ve got attached sounds a bit random but I guess he’s convinced the studio executives.


And now it’s taken a step along the line, with a new director!


And you can’t beat the man who made the all famous, all powerful, cinema ruling… Max Payne :s


Not the most impressive CV. Even I’m not feeling too optimistic now…

Max Payne wasn’t that bad.
It just was one reel too long. And in terms of direction, or at least photography, it was very well-rounded.

I think I may have to disagree with you on that one. While I agree it looked very good I really didn’t like the film at all and don’t think it could be saved by editing.

[size=]I suppose the trailer was quite good so if you cut about 95 minutes that might have fixed it.[/size]

[size=]Sorry Pierre. :([/size]

A good day to die hard, anyone?


First trailer: