Disney are a bit lazy

I thought this was quite amusing. It also makes sense why Jungle Book and Robin Hood are my 2 favourite Disneys, they are the same!

:o Wow. That’s atrocious. Lazy bastards.
And I’m guessing most of you are familiar with the numerous subliminal features in various Disney films?

Wow. I knew Robin Hood nicked bits off other Disney films but I never realised they copied each other so extensively. :shock:

Well, the self-references are kind of nice, and are done elsewhere. Like in Star Wars for instance.

Regarding the Disney rip-offs, an article was made about it on BBC News not so long ago (can’t find it now) but it said it was a way to save money. And in fairness, those films are pretty awesome! :slight_smile:

Anyone up for a Disney AllNighter?

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oh my life! I thought that the plotlines being so similat across many disney films was bad enough, but they are using the identical movements, down to twitches!

Interesting to see in the dancing, that snow white had more detail than the Robin Hood rip! (around 1m 54secs)