DM Group

Hey @Anjana, could you spend a little time putting together a list of DM usernames for the forums and posting them here. Then I can update the DM group to contain all DM’s.

You can search for people by using the @ symbol. It will search both there username and actual name so you don’t need to know their forum username to find them.

Q-DMs: @CptKirky @Giles @jordanlice @jorjaellison @JessC @Klan @Lorraine @GipsyDanger @RachelKeighley and myself. I can’t seem to find a tag for Mike Joy, but those are all the Q-DMs.

@msj :slight_smile:

Try “msj”

Cool thanks :smile:. I’ve now added all the DMs to the DM group.

They can now all see and post in the DM category, and will appear if you type @duty_managers .

Can we please add @Fazza to this please?


Can we also add @Mike2603 please!