Draft Spring 2023 Schedule 2

Hey everyone, here is our second draft of the schedule for term 2. Please let us know if there’s anything we’ve missed or have forgotten from the programming meeting and feel free to critique it.

Stuff we’re not sure about:

  • Still conflicted about the theme for the all-nighter so any other suggestions would be great

  • Should we play whiplash or replace it with something else

  • Not sure whether we should do Paddington 1+2 double or whether we should do a single

  • Need suggestions for the animated film for the start of the term

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paddington 1 + 2 double would be cool!

big hero 6 as a suggestion for the animated film?

Babylon’s expected to be one of the bigger hits of term, right? Feels like a poor idea putting it in reading week (ditto Apocalypse Now tbh). Maybe swap it with The Matrix?

What’s happened with Strange World and Armageddon Time? I think the general consensus at the programming meeting was for more new releases. I Wanna Dance With Somebody as well please!

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leon the professional has been on my watchlist for yonks that’s so exciting hehe

animated film suggestions: big hero 6 is a good suggestion from eric!!
you know, resident evil: vendetta is an animated film… just sayin’…
wall-e is probably a good one to choose having peeped and the schedule

also, now we can’t do it as an emergency all nighter, a shrek all nighter would probably do well, if it isn’t embargoed by puss in boots (?)

i’m definitely backing paddington 1+2 double, LOVE paddington and it’s a fun double theme! will need something cool planned for the middle though since it isn’t that long. also supporting big hero 6 as the animated film <3

i know i keep saying this but i reckon bones and all has double potential if there’s a space, the people love timmy (although i might just know a lot of people with the same film taste so i may be wrong).

BEGGING for la la land at the end of term!

also one new release i saw which looked semi interesting was She Said, might be good? international women’s day maybe?

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Agree with Kieran + Liv on new releases!
Also (in part because 3 35mm in a week is hefty), would the 4k re-release for Wings of Desire be available/

I think people really love the Paddington films, so the 1&2 double would be good.

An idea for the animated film - Into the Spider-Verse to make up for the Spidey all-nighter?
(idk how far in advance things are embargoed with the sequel coming out in the summer)

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Joker 70mm?

I feel like we can just wiggle stuff around – paying more for a film that’s just a LANsat transfer feels just fundamentally wrong to me (ditto Big Lebowski I presume). Also we should have qualified people by then :sparkles: Red Shoes probably isn’t happening and I don’t think But I’m A Cheerleader has 35mm

Imo I’d avoid the singalong though – cute idea but we’ve done it so many times with loads of films and everyone just looks awkwardly at the words and doesn’t sing.

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They come out very soon so we can see how they do before we commit. (since there’s a decent chance that quite a few films on here won’t be available such as Knives Out 2 and Red Shoes so we can fit them on)

Bit conflicted on this personally, as it’d be nice to play 4 weeks after release but I get the concerns about reading week. I’ll prob dig through the stats and see whether reading week actually does significant worse or not.

Same with this, we can see how it does before commit it to a double since I agree it does look like it could be double worthy.

Imo international women’s day would be the wrong day to put it since a lot of people online see this as Hollywood simply just cashing in on the whole Weinstein scandal (and i feel like International Women’s day should be a positive film rather than a negative one?) so we wanna be a bit cautious about where to put this on the schedule but I agree it should probably be put on there.

Also maybe we can do a insta poll between the animated film suggestions? (but i am hesitant to put an really good film which could do really well as the first day of term since I feel like it’s almost guaranteed to flop on the first sunday back?)

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Tragic news, Universal have demanded that we play some of their films 6/7 weeks after release, meaning we can no longer play Puss in Boots and Women Talking. We have already moved some stuff around, but we might have to move some stuff some more depending on what Universal say. We are trying to get this sorted asap, so we can have an actual final schedule.

Also, we’ve added/changed quite a few things, including:

  • A Clockwork Orange
  • Another Mystery Film (should we do a themed mystery film or just a very general one?)
  • Distributors are still being annoying about Ghost in the Shell, so we’ve just replaced it with Akira
  • What do people think about Parasite free for all to attract people in? We couldn’t come up with any good ‘gimmicky’ idea to get people in, but we think Parasite is a good shout.

And as I am writing this, we are also coming up with an All-nighter line up.

I request Goncharov (1973)


Our audience overwhelmingly demands it!

When You Finish Saving the World? :slight_smile:

It’s a new A24 film scheduled for US release in mid January - When You Finish Saving the World (2022) - IMDb

Would be a good option, the only issue is that it currently doesn’t have a UK release date as far as I can tell and A24 sucks at doing UK stuff so it might only be available for Term 3.

The thing is, Akria was shown in my first year. Promare? never. #bringBackPromare #dontBetrayPeopleWhoOnlyCameToTheProgrammingMeetingToAskForIt

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I got a plz and a :point_up_2: so imma leave this here

It’s already on the schedule

I have bad eyes