Drafts II, III, IV & V Autumn 23/24 Schedule

medusa deluxe will absolutely bomb in WW, that needs moving too imo! it feels like sabotage to put a small new release in WW, we need to build a reputation to get people to come to stuff they’ve never heard of - WW should be a selection of first-film-at-WSC vibes. I’m not sure there’s any other new releases which fit WW, except maybe TMNT since that’s already on a single in week 1?


damn I took two weeks off and I return and its all changed!!! here are some thoughts

  • medusa deluxe? hidden on a Wednesday 3pm??? echoing others saying this feels like setting it up to fail!! Again, WW should be about the ‘best of wsc’ . let people take chances later in term instead of coming and being like ’ damn you live like this?’ vibes on their first film if its not for them!!1 gotta ease folks in
  • backing that No Hard Feelings should stay - ik costs but it’s unlike other stuff that’s on there!! ill be damned if I miss out on fun JLaw times to sit through another freakin bro film!!!


  • idk how true this is but ik Challengers has been rumoured to be moved back into 2024 release. IK this is fresh stuff so I don’t expect u to have addressed it yet but yea! Any news on other stuff that could be affected by pushbacks would also be helpful on a publicity POV
  • up would be cute, idk where but ya I get the cross promo tie in stuff :))
  • halloween slot - picks listed seem ok? feels like corpse bride fills the hole better in terms of being similar to what its been switched out for so id maybe back that? no strong feels tho.
  • side note can I get an update on what spidey films for the allnighter - so I add right images titles et ceteraaa thank you thank you
  • don’t think dune 1 double is worth it but idk what to suggest instead, its tooo much dune for me


  • agree that changes should be listed under a tab when they happen, im finding it hard to remember how stuff was/ understand what’s changed and mainly why, especially this close to voting deadline and on a personal note, I need to get cracking with confidence on pub stuff so if changed could be communicated somewhere this would be very helpful when any updates happen!!!

Sorry If some of this is old news but showing my support for opinions already had by big brained eloquent people!

  • Another echo of Medusa Deluxe should not be in Welcome Week (not least the one day in WW not on most of the pub!) (Strays could easily come back and replace it, that’s a very WW Wednesday coded film)
  • And also No Hard Feelings should definitely stay as it’s a perfect WW film (it’s a very fun film, has reasonably broad appeal, and surely new releases are worth spending money on)
  • I back Death Becomes Her over Corpse Bride (but either works tbh)
  • Dune 1 shouldn’t be a double, especially if we actually do get Dune 2 a few weeks later, that weekend is begging for a new release (maybe Drive Away Dolls or Kraven the Hunter idk but otherwise there’s about a week with no new releases)
  • I agree with Kieran that The Old Oak is the sort of film we should just play, we are a British independent cinema and Loach is pretty much the pinnacle of what that represents (not least because this is his last film)

(coming up with suggestions/points would be a lot easier if we could see/be told what’s been changed though!)


Another thing:

Still don’t see the point in Up, when it’s an expensive PC, given we have Bee Movie and Elemental - I know this is going back on stuff that’s already been removed but Blackberry might be a good choice for there as a new release with nice contrast to the stuff around it.

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yeah I back this tbf - am pro new release more than I am pro Up, esp if its expensive

I would still personally back Up mainly because we brand ourselves as a cinema that actually listens to our audience’s suggestions and currently the majority of the schedule is stuff that has been suggested by crew + new releases while some other stuff which non-crew members suggested didn’t end up making the final schedule.

Since Up is something that has been suggested by both non-crew and crew, I think we would be able to justify the cost of it? Especially if we are keeping No Hard Feelings(which is the same price) because it fits well for welcome week, could we not justify keeping Up because it helps balance out audience and crew suggestions?

^ Also, I don’t have super strong opinions on this, so if people still want, we can replace Up with Blackberry but just thought Up would be a nice choice.