Drafts II, III, IV & V Autumn 23/24 Schedule

Hey everyone! Here’s the 2nd draft of next term’s schedule. We’ve tried to remedy things that came up in the feedback for the 1st draft, so do let us know again what does/doesn’t work. This draft is what we’ll be be starting with in the programming meeting (tomorrow 3pm) so we will discuss it in detail then (70mm, All-Nighter, Doubles, WW, BHM etc.). For those who won’t be able to make it to the meeting tomorrow, feel free to leave all your thoughts/comments.

We cannot Perceive her!

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thank u both for the new draft!! some thoughts (which i’ll write down but not expecting them to be seen before the programming meeting):

  • like the barbenheimer! WW is a pog place to have fun memey things and i think (hope?) it’ll work quite well. i do think both should have a double slot outside WW as well (definitely barbie, oppenheimer provided we can make the 70mm work). there’s a lot of our core audience from last year who won’t be here in WW and these are two of the most hyped new releases all term!
  • i would like if halloween was consecutive days to give it a more cohesive feel. shaun of the dead would be great! i don’t think scream is the best fit for the scary one (and scream X did pretty terribly last term) so might be worth rethinking. the blackening is a new release horror which was suggested a few times last draft – could tie in with the theme?
  • would like to re-echo what i said last time about BHM – the Themed Season TM part of it could be streamlined. would be nice to have them in a block (same day of the week?) for publicity. would also be a good idea to hit up the SU and see if they want to collab!
  • not a particular fan of the sound of metal, incendies, mother, straight outta compton – there’s a lot of these sort of genres on the schedule already and i think these are the weakest ones.
  • LOVE the paddington idea! especially with the charity collection! that’s a very best-of-WSC sort of vibe for WW
  • would like to see all the ‘maybe’ new releases on there (plus ideally some more)! it looks like almost everything which has been added since last time is an old film which (prices aside) would probably be best to hold back on these until we’ve filled the schedule with new releases, and then choose older ones to balance it out.

Just having a peruse and it’s struck me that some of the windows after release are very ambitious. I back going for it but just wanna check you’ve got/that everyone is aware that you need a plan B if you either need to move things later or remove them should they say no or should bookings not have opened by the time you need to print publicity. (Dune Pt. 2 after 4 weeks in week 9 is jumping out at me as Quite Risky :frowning: Gonna cross absolutely everything for you.)

The Paddington idea is v. cute! Actually, ditto everything Liv says.

Also for BHM I think we have Selma on LANsat – would be good to see some women filmmakers represented (and ideally on screen too but I don’t know lots about films – I’d suggest The Florida Project but we did that one already)

Here’s the link to the 3rd draft of next term’s schedule, which is where we were at after the programming meeting on Monday.

We will be having another programming meeting this coming Monday at 3pm (10/7) to both fill in the gaps with non-new release films and plan the titles for our 50th Anniversary All-Nighter.

  • Please let us know any thoughts on the schedule so far
  • There are 3 empty slots during welcome week and 10-12 during term (both doubles and singles) so let us know which of the films below the schedule you like or any other suggestions you may have to fill those slots
  • We are going with the 50th Anniversary theme for the All-Nighter (and the Spider-Man theme as a backup) - any ideas/thoughts for films that fit the theme?
  • Which Xmas film do you like/want for the end of term?
  • Something we’re not entirely sure on at the moment is the larger amount of independent new releases, is this something you think should be kept/have you heard of these films?
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I think everything is pretty well-placed. I would personally vouch for Dune Part I and Part II being on Saturdays (and the respective Saturday slot replaced with Dune’s Friday slot) since they may grab more general audiences by not clashing with Friday night (and a Haunting in Venice and Five Nights at Freddy’s) I think will do well on Friday.
My only other suggestion is maybe put Mean Girls [35mm] on Friday WW and swap it with Your Name (since I think it’s more suitable as a Friday movie, something people can watch before going out on Friday).

I think we should definitely try to get Hunger Games and have another film as a back-up in case it doesn’t work.
Up might be a solid pick because the short that plays before Elemental which we’re showing in WW is related to Up (so can kinda be some cross-promotion).
Eternal Sunshine, Seven Samurai, Sound of Metal and Lady Bird I think would also be good picks.
Lastly, I would also vouch for Mother because having Brother and Mother next to eachother in the schedule would be funny lol (also cross-promotion?)

Might be a bit complicated but might be cool to have films which did very well at WSC in the past. I heard we might have old audience number records somewhere, but I think it would fit with the theme “50th anniversary” for iconic films that we’ve shown that quite a few people might remember.

Since we’re showing Coraline, Nightmare Before Xmas is a bit same-y so I think something like Home Alone might be a better one.

I haven’t heard of many of them, but I think if we’ve made good choices then we will hear more about them in the coming months and then they might do well. Maybe we could be more hesistant about independent films that have already come out.
At the end of the day obviously there will be an element of showing films we ourselves want to watch, but I think we need to accomodate a general audience to a good extent. I think it’s important that we balance our schedule out and as long as the schedule is balanced and there is justification showing these films then I think it’s fine.


I know you’ve picked the aniversary Allnighter but having thought about it some more I personally feel like doing it in term 2 might make more sense just to spread out anniversary events more.

Could we get some Monty Python on the schedule? :eyes:
And I will once again put forwards Kinky Boots (The Musical) as I have since 2021 - could be a decent collab with MTW, depending on how much Trafalgar charge.

Here’s the link to the 4th draft of the schedule, which is where we were at after the 2nd programming meeting on Monday:


  • We are now going with the Spider-Man all-nighter; the 50th anniversary all-nighter is being saved for next term and we will be actively programming it between now & Oct/Nov (more details on the all-nighter are on the relevant page on the google sheets)

Next Steps:

  • We have 3 empty double slots later in term as well as the WW Wed 9pm slot, so please comment any suggestions below (or on the #filmsuggestions slack channel) by the end of this weekend at the latest
    (We’re doing a bit of balancing out between days, weeks & prints in a separate draft, so no need to worry about titles being exactly in the right place at the moment)

kinda feel like for the black history month screenings, instead of Hidden Figures we should have a film directed by a black person, maybe an older classic from black filmmakers instead of a historical film? Something like Shaft, Boyz In The Hood, Do The Right Thing etc.

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looking pog! it’s exciting to see it so nearly done! only a few thoughts:

  • the eternal daughter and the old oak (from #filmsuggestions) look like good films to add (for singles)! and then can maybe just move the strongest existing films to doubles?
  • could the creator be a double? or maybe devil wears prada (although we’ve been avoiding so far)? tbh not much is jumping out at me from the existing schedule so i imagine other filmier people will have better ideas!
  • probably backing having a day off for the all-nighter if we’re still struggling to think of doubles? especially since we need another backup lined up for dune II
  • would counter tomas’ suggestions above - i think the bhm screenings have a good balance of genres/directors/characters so far so at least if we’re gonna replace hidden figures can it be a film with a woman in pls
  • i know you’re on-it with rearranging films so only one thing there - might be worth having week 1 empty of 35mm so we don’t have to convert back and forth between oppenheimer in WW and saturday week 1!

Big up these two, they feel like Very Obvious inclusions imo.

Big up this too – I know you’ve been super on it with making sure there are no weeks that are mad with the 35mm but I’ve had a small natter with Liv and the gang and we’re chill with one of the weeks being a bit chokka if it avoids two rounds of lamphouse focusing.

also - could we have the edits/rearrangements on a publicly visible draft? since we’re in the last stage and nearing the deadline it would be v useful for everyone to be able to give feedback in real time!

Since the 35mm print looks doable now, could Cinema Paradiso do the double? Not that I think that a film being on film inherently makes it double-worthy, but when it’s THAT film, y’know… Could be a good look on the pub and on a booklet page if nothing else.

Hey Everyone, here is the link to the 5th and final draft of the schedule:

Couple of Things to Note:

  • The 35mm print of Seven Samurai is not available(they don’t loan it out anymore) but there are 35mm prints of Ikiru and Throne of Blood so we were thinking of replacing Seven Samurai with one of these. Any thoughts?
  • There are 35mm prints for both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire so it might be cool to do a double of those
  • Please leave any comments/suggestions asap as we are busy checking the availability of everything this week so that schedule can get confirmed. We will also continue to make edits to this document + add updates as we go along.

hunger games idea sounds pog to me!

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Big fan of Lost in the Stars as an idea – good luck with Trinity!

I think it’s pretty important to move Theatre Camp earlier – it’s obvs going to be on Disney+ and I think it’s got strong “watch it on your laptop” energy as well as also idk not really being the sort of thing you’d go out of your way to go and see in amost-December. Medusa Deluxe also has US distribution with A24 now, with an August release date and I feel like we want at least some of the online hype that it’s going to pick up still buzzing for when we show it?

Also gonna reiterate backing The Old Oak strongly – surely, surely when someone like Ken Loach makes a film, we just… put it on? The same way we’re putting Killers of the Flower Moon on just because it’s Scorcese even though I’m not convinced many people actually back it that hard either in numbers or as something they want to watch personally? (Not that I don’t back The Old Oak, I should add!). The early availablity is pretty standard as a Ken Loach thing is usually pretty standard because there’s usually loads of demand from community groups; the same thing happened with I, Daniel Blake and Sorry We Missed You, so I wouldn’t take that as concerning. Idk, I get that it might not be up your street but I’m just a bit lost with the reasoning here ngl.

I can see the appeal of Blackberry and Fight Club is one of my faves, but I know collectively pretty much everybody’s talked about the pretty urgent need to make the schedule overall a bit less brocoded and realistically tech bros and literal Fight Club don’t help here. Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Interstellar and Oppenheimer (and Strays!) in one schedule never mind one week is Quite A Lot, right?

Surely we can do far better than The Virgin Suicides, as well. I know we’ve talked about the importance of not showing indentical rep programming to the Arts Centre, which probably means giving Big Rereleases like this a miss. Also, we’d usually choose to play it from film right? And we do fairly urgently need more prints. As a suggestion for an alternative, I’ve bounced Morvern Callar off a couple of people and they’ve been generally enthusiastic – recentishly it was with eOne and had 35mm available (it’s been included as one of the new BFI Film on Film prints as well, not sure how that changes things with eOne).

Wrt Halloween, I don’t think there are prints of Nightmare Before Xmas. We could always go back to the 3 days of Halloween that I think people were on board with, though personally I quite like your vibes of having a Fun Quirky One so maybe something like Death Becomes Her?


couple of things!

  • smoking causes coughing feels like a bad WW pick, it seems like a fairly Experimental Choice for people to go and see and i think it’ll bomb, especially on the wednesday. can we have that back in term time?
  • interstellar was a much better WW choice than fight club (esp with oppenheimer coming out!) – i back taking some out on the basis that there’s a fair few films with similar vibes in WW, but i’d back interstellar in that thurs 9pm instead of fight club.
  • no hard feelings is gone? can it come back?
  • not sure rushmore is an optimal WW film, i know we’ve discussed having other anderson films but it’s not been suggested particularly heavily so i’m not sure why it’s getting such a prominent slot.
  • on a more general note, why have so many WW changes been made without any reason/notice given when we were all happy with WW at the end of the last programming meeting? the draft IV iteration was in good shape with only one gap, it feels like we’ve gone right back to square one. if there are any films which have been taken off because of unavailability please let us know and else please put back the films which have been taken off!
  • i assume nightmare before christmas is park circus? if so, it might be time to either cut halloween season down to 3 days or to replace it with something like kieran’s suggestion of death becomes her – esp since nightmare before christmas isn’t super halloween-y energy. i’m not a fan of the alternative suggestion of removing gremlins and putting blade on.
  • not sure i back dune I now being a double but i suppose it’ll be a lot of moving around to change that, unless anyone has any other strong opinions (put drive away dolls back? dumb money?) it might be easiest to leave it.
  • are those 35/70mm timings in weeks 8 and 9 OK for Andy to convert the projectors? it seems like quite a tight squeeze either side.
  • it would be really useful if you could use the ‘main updates’ tab to list all films which have been added/removed and the reasons why – useful for us all to know if it’s because of unavailability or not.
  • Seems like WW has changed a bit since people have posted on discourse but I think it’s balanced enough where we could add or remove Fight Club and it doesn’t appear any more bro-coded. Sure, there’s Pulp Fiction, Interstellar and Oppenheimer but equally there’s La La Land, Elemental, Mean Girls, Joy Ride, No Hard Feelings and Barbie.
  • I’m guessing Blue Velvet was a suggestion, but I’m hesitant about showing it over other David Lynch films like Mulholland Drive or The Elephant Man.
  • Same with Rushmore and Wes Anderson films but seems like this was an audience suggestion.
  • Out of the new releases, I’m not sure about The Old Oak or The Eternal Daughter. For the former, I don’t think Ken Loach is close to the pull of other directors like Nolan or Scorcese and our audience isn’t really the type to watch his films. For the latter, The Eternal Daughter did really badly at the US box office so I’m hesitant whether it’s worth to even put it on there despite being a new release. On the other hand I also think it’s really cool we’re showing Lost in the Stars !
  • Kraven the Hunter is no longer a double while The Creator is. I’m not strongly for replacing The Creator with Kraven, but I am more neutral about either being a double.
  • For Halloween it seems like the Monday is either Corpse Bride or Beetlejuice, but I would back Beetlejuice simply since it’s the more popular of the two and I think it would do decently well with Warwick students.
  • I think we should definitely show Up (I mentioned in a previous comment but I’m backing it again since it dropped off the schedule) since it has ties to the short that goes with Elemental and works as cross-promotion. Also, if there is a concern with showing too many bro-coded movies, Up definitely goes against that idea.
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