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Some good reviews out from Empire… some!

Synecdoche, New York and Coraline have each been given no fewer than five stars, but Ron Howard’s latest Dan Brown offering Angels and Demons certainly hasn’t caught the imagination :roll:

The first two look good (for those who went to see it, how was Coraline?).

I think I might give Angels and Demons a miss though as the reviews I’ve read have basically been; “not as crap as Da Vinci Code but still crap”

Small mercy i guess :?

Coraline was pretty good. Perhaps not quite as good as I was expecting, but a nice deviation into freaky-fantasy land for sure. Certainly not worth the five stars Empire’s pimping it with though…
I’d say the best of it was the 3-D. But as a regular film, it kinda felt like it was lacking some meat.

I’m really looking forward to Synedoche though. And would still like to see Angels & Demons even if it is naff. The book was quality (FAR better than ‘Da Vinci Code’), and I’ve always got a soft spot for Ewan McG…

As opposed to certain filmsoccers eh?!


As opposed to certain filmsoccers eh?![/quote]

Uh . . I don’t know. Is that to say that someone has a particular dislike of him? Or, quite the opposite, that my view is shared by all and to even state it is a waste of time as everyone already knows?

I was more playing on the word soft, but that’s just the way my mind works :wink:

I’d give it three stars.


Bad dirty joke:


Desired response:


For horrible thoughts there’s filmsoc, for everything else there’s…