Epic Movie

What Pierre has written is absolute balderdash… now there’s a good game :slight_smile: especially when one’s had a few to drink :wink:


Je suis tres confused!

Oh you’ve just missed a memorable scene! Basically, whilst I was putting the floats away in the DM cupboard, Rob used the fact that I was still logged in to post in my stead; and then prevent me from deleting anything by posting with his account after “me”.
What was then fun was that he logged himself off the main website, but not off the forums; followed a battle over the mouse and keyboard to take control. In the process, Andy’s computer was turned off and the proximity reader emitted a long, painful beeeeeeeep.
After it all, I edited Rob’s/my post to “Rob wrote…”

Ah. Glad you cleared that up … and Rob, you liked it? Kept that quiet :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you counting “the end of the film” as the end of the main movie, or the end of the multiple skits in the credits, or the end of the 4 hours or so of credits (I jest, but only just!)?