Epic Movie

Um guys, has anyone seen the IMDb entry for this?

It’s got a rating of 2.0 from nearly 10,000 votes, which easily puts it in the IMDb’s worst 100 and makes it marginally worse than such classics as Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace and Gigli :shock:

Please tell me… why are we showing this masterpiece?!

It might be worth advertising it as such. It might get people to come who want to laugh at a bad movie.

“10,000 people can’t be wrong… or can they? Come see Epic Movie at WSC to see who’s right!”
Or something like that.

Let’s do the show in reduced ticket price, perhaps? :lol:

How about we get people to dress as supreheroes or something to get in free? ANYTHING to get at least one person to see the abomination!

Then the rating has actually decreased over the last four weeks; it was 2.7.

Eeeek. You know whats really scary though, is the fact that people probably will want to come and see it. Thats how bad most peoples taste is. I take comfort from that… or something. :S

It will be easy going on the brain, during exam season… maybe we could use that in the publicity too?!

A little ‘light’ relief?

People like shit films. There is no consistent correlation between imdb rating and attendance. Everyone knew it was gonna be shit… just like most of the Scary Movies.

When I saw Scary Movie 3 with a mate I was the only person in the whole cinema (which was pretty full) who laughed at the “… I just want to wish you both good luck, we’re all counting on you” ending.
Has no-one seen Airplane!? I mean, c’mon people!

I have to say Epic Movie wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. It’s only the third worst film I’ve ever seen.

How many tickets were sold last night then?

  1. Although there were fewer people in L3 by the end of the film.

only 2 fewer…

Now who said no-one would come, hey?

I’m gonna have to eat my hat and say I rather enjoyed it … thought the soundtrack was great! :slight_smile:

all i can say is that a lot of people have no taste :stuck_out_tongue:

No taste maybe the taste of the future… :?

Rob wrote “Best film i’ve ever seen” :smiley: