Expendables 2

It appears that a sequel to the Expendibles might be on the cards if the first does well enough:


Ignoring the obvious question of whether its a good idea or not, who would you like to see in it?

I’ve read only mediocre things about the first one. Apparently too much concentration on names and not plot.

However, a couple fun additions could be Vinnie Jones, Rampage Jackson, and, er, Angelina Jolie (just to mix it up!).

Maybe Steven Seagal, although he’s no longer in shape.

I’m watching it tonight so I guess I’ll find out what its like soon enough.

I’ll go for the obvious choice of adding Jean-Claude Van Damme (not because I’m a big fan but he is one of the most recognised action heros not included) with Alan Rickman as the villain.

(Plus maybe a cameo from Mr. T … :wink: )

Apparently Willis and Arnie are now confirmed for Expendables 2 (with more screen time than in last one :slight_smile: )


You can add Van Damme and Chuck Norris to the list too…


:shock :shock :shock :shock

SO watching that!

Some sombre news:

The first teaser trailer is online:


Apparently an R-rating is back on the cards! :slight_smile:

I love this status update from their facebook page:

[quote]Before the first film, the Expendables actors’ combined movie kill counts totalled 1,593.

I think a tenth of those were from Commando.