Film 2009: Best of 2009

So I just watched Film 2009 with Jonathan Ross, the final show concluding the best films of the year.

Happily we’ve yet to show quite a lot of them, so here are some thoughts I had during the show.

Its on iPlayer at if you want to watch it.

  1. Transformers 2 could be more popular than we give it credit for.
  2. By the looks of it, the Hangover could be just as popular as The Boat that Rocked earlier in the Autumn term, and so could do rather well.
  3. I now want to see The Hurt Locker.
  4. I was surprised District 9 didn’t get into any top 10s.
  5. Moon sounds like it could be better than I expected.
  6. 2012, which I’d originally expected to be really good, then Mat told me it wasn’t so great, didn’t even feature in the episode - doh!
  7. Up! was getting rave reviews, so now even more looking forward to the AllNighter
  8. New Moon didn’t get into anyone’s favourites either, odd! (It was only mentioned when they spoke of Let the Right One In as “the vampire movie twilight should have been”)
  9. Avatar is sounding stunning, I think I should try and go see this in 3D.
  10. The Informant! might be worth watching?

Your thoughts!
(You can see which films I’m wanting to see at

EDIT: I might also add that they went to visit a cinema to interview the staff on their favourite films. Amongst things said was “we love Harry Potter but hate the crowds it brings” - we’re better than that, so we should write and invite them to Warwick! :smiley:

  1. The Hangover has the Publicity Officer’s recommendation - of course it will do well! :stuck_out_tongue:
    3/5/10. Hurt Locker, Moon, and The Informant are three of the films I’m most looking forward to watching this term.
  2. A great shame.
  3. Nope; looks awful. Got a cool page design in the booklet though!
  4. Up is epic.
  5. Not a shame at all.
  6. Avatar has provoked mixed feelings in me. The effects were outstanding, and the 3D was sublime. But, as a film, I was not impressed; wished I could have enjoyed it far more than I did.

:shock: :o

When’s your qualification?
I might come back just for the pleasure of sabotaging…
I’m only asking 'cos you say you’ll DM the sponsored event! :slight_smile:
Also, all shows worked are as DM? Tut tut :stuck_out_tongue:

No idea, ask the Mac, but I’m promised soon. If someone else wants to do the sponsored, fine by me, I just wanted to watch the film rather than go and have to set up over in the Copper Rooms / wherever we have it :oops:

I offer to steward when shows look short as I’m on campus anyway, that’s my way of increasing stewarding. And anyway, I always said my first allegiance would be to the IT Team, not FoH! (Sorry James!). I’ll steward some of my ‘watch’ / ‘maybe’ (if i decide to go) anyway :stuck_out_tongue: