Films for the holidays

Without filmsoc to consume my evenings I seem to have free time and I can’t really remember what I’m meant to do with it. Does anyone have any suggestions for good films to watch?

Description should ideally include the words: “shooting”, “explosions” and “Bruce Willis”

Description should ideally not include the words: “romantic comedy” and “Blade Trinity”

Shooting: Bambi (1942)
Explosions: The Hindenburg (1975)
Bruce Willis: North (1994)

Something like that?

Almost… the thing is, George wants all three of those descriptive words to be applicable to each film!

How about:

Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Die Hard with a Vengeance
Sin City
16 Blocks
Lucky Number Slevin

:roll: you can see how well my project’s going at the momento!

In that case, add The Fifth Element too

The problem is that, excellent though those films are, I’ve already seen them (some of them more than 10 times).

ok, how about we go with the following list, which pays little (if no) attention to your descriptions:

Slither (has guns!)
The Incredibles (has explosions!)
Hostel (Has almost everything apart from bruce willis and explosions!)
Dog Soldiers (has guns and explosions)
Austin Powers trilogy (it makes you laugh!)
Runaway Jury (it’s about guns)
Serenity (lotsa guns)
Picking up the Pieces (if you don’t know about this film, go to the WSC review archive!)

George, I think its time to open your mind … my top suggestions for your holiday viewing would be:

Ever After
The Wedding Singer
Never Been Kissed
And if you sit through them, I’ll let you have Charlie’s Angels - violent, but still with Drew Barrymore …

Then, obviously the moguls and picking up the pieces (two films that not enough people have seen)

Rounded off with … Casablanca
Or one flew over the cuckoos nest :slight_smile:



What about films that feature the line “I’m getting too old for this shit!”?

All the best films feature the line “I’m getting too old for this shit!”