Films WSC would never show (probably)

I’ve been dulling the pain of deadlines with bargain bin films. For anyone who needs to reduce their IQ but can’t afford alcohol, here are some suggestions:

This started off ok but you could see the who dunnit plot twist a mile away despite of the fact that the choice of who the murderer was contradicted earlier continuity. Oh dear. Reduces IQ by 65%.

Aeon Flux
Kind of ok I guess. If you want to see what happens when a woman with four hands and no feet trys to break into a government facility guarded by aggressive pine cones and particularly sharp grass then this film might be for you. Reduces IQ by 55%.

An extended video game cut scene. Reduces your IQ by 60%

The Punisher
This was pretty bad even for a bargain bin film. Tried to be dark but still felt like a light weight comic book film. Reduces IQ by 80%.

Chronicles of Riddick
This was actually kind of enjoyable in a silly kind of way. Reduces IQ by 20%.

Striking Distance
Its Die Hard on a boat only not as good. I suppose that makes it Die Hard 2 on a boat. Reduces IQ by 15%.

I’m tempted to offer “Picking up the Pieces”, but know that i would be retaliated against in an extreme (though perhaps warranted way), so instead i shall offer up “Son of the Mask” - truely woeful :!:

I think I’m playing it safe by suggesting Boa vs. Python. The user comments on IMDb say it all.

I thinking anything with J lo as the lead actress,

epecially ‘enough’ ! What toilet ! :lol:

Unfortunately, it’s already been done. Gigli as the mystery film at the AllNighter, anyone?

I am glad to say I did not witness such folly !