Finding Nemo 2

Apparently Finding Nemo 2 is a possibility.

I liked Finding Nemo but I’m starting to get a bit worried about Pixar. Cars 2 wasn’t great and Brave is getting good but not amazing reviews. Beyond that there’s the Monsters Inc prequel and (apparently) Toy Story 4… :s

Too many sequels… not enough original content.

True, but this is the same company that a couple of years ago were being accused of being too risky, by going for a robot that didn’t talk and a grumpy old man. They’re also releasing a brand new film this summer - it’s just that the world of money is so franchise based.

Yes I know of the criticism - though never agreed with it.

I praise Pixar for bringing their new ideas and originality to the industry. If their success is doomed to fade then surely they should go out fighting for what they have always stood for? I would sooner see them releasing an original flop than fade into history on the back of increasingly less successful sequels…