For those of you that 'loved' the new Star Wars trilogy

Walt Disney has acquired LucasFilm and has announced that they are planning a 2015 release for Star Wars Episode VII!

Just seen the same article on the beeb:

At least George Lucas won’t be in sole control of everything now - he’ll have plenty to answer to if they let him direct at all!

I am slightly worried about the ongoing nature of this though. Star Wars was always (lest for the last 20 years or more) intending to be 9 films in total. So to say they’re going to do 7-9 isn’t too bad. It’s the way they’re then going to go on and on that alarms me! This isn’t Bond - there’s always been continuity before!

I understood that George would be stepping down as the head of LucasFilm in the next year or so anyway?

Well they’ve certainly been doing that with the animated Clone Wars - and in that they only have several years worth of story to play with: it will have to end relatively soon. Yet even with that they have managed to milk out about 5 seasons…

With the films they have the entirety of the expanded universe to play with!

If anyone’s ever wondered what George Lucas actually does with all the money he’s sold his soul for…

[size=](Tries to buy it back, apparently…)[/size]

J. J. Abrams to direct!


Given my views on the last Star Trek film I don’t find this very encouraging news…

After the banality of the most recent Star Wars films, I’m more interested in who will be the screenwriter.

I see that the screenwriter was announced in November:

This leaves me interested and amused. Time will tell whether anything decent comes of it.

As suppose this answers the question of the later Star Wars 3D film releases.

Some promising updates on Episode VII:

And a not-so-promising one (about Zac Efron at least):


Original casting news:

First behind the scenes video: Star Wars: Force for Change - A Message from J.J. Abrams - YouTube

Exciting (fresh) casting news :smiley: :