Foreign language films

Is it possible for the cinema to show them?

Hey @setsunafseiei, welcome to the Filmsoc forums.

In the past we have done foreign language films. @stevela and @reecegoodall what do you think about foreign language films.

Also what kinds of foreign language films would you be interested in?

I am a fan of foreign language films (particularly French ones, for entirely selfish reasons) and I have suggested working with some societies in order to show a few more.

I suppose the issues are what we are actually able to get, and then the merit of showing such a film. I would prefer to stick something on the rota if it has artistic or commercial merit, rather than it simply being in another language.

That said, more foreign horror for the win!

Next term we are showing Leviathan and The Tale of The Princess Kaguya. For term 1 next year I’ve had some ideas: Wild Tales, Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter, Ida and The Salvation. I am open to suggestions and plan to use this forum category more.

Let me know what you think :smile:

Erm, I was thinking since there’s a lot of chinese international student at warwick, we could maybe show a popular mandarin film? e.g you are the apple of my eye ( )

Ooooh that sounds good. I do like Chinese cinema (Hard Boiled is one of my favourite action films.) I’ll do some research into it. If there are any interesting new-ish ones please let me know!

Also, I would note that it depends if these films have been distributed in the UK beforehand. It seems that a lot of Mandarin films don’t get such distribution outside of places like China, Japan and Singapore. Hong Kong films generally have a stronger chance of being available. I feel like there are still a lot of Cantonese speaking students in the university. Thoughts?

Well, I know ‘you are the apple of my eye’ was released in the US, not sure about the UK, in terms of HK movies, I think ‘triumph in the skies’ would be quite popular