French Films for autumn 2015

Mostly for @reecegoodall, though suggestions are welcome.

My knowledge of French cinema is limited, and I’m not aware of any upcoming/recently released french films (that we haven’t shown recently)

I’ve seen La Femme Nikita, a neo-noire action action/thriller from the 90s directed by Luc Besson (famous for Léon), and The 400 Blows, a coming-of-age drama from New Wave director François Truffaut. Both are fantastic french language films and I’d be happy to show either.

Also, a google search presents some options I haven’t seen, though I would like to:

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Thank you for this - I think they’re all good suggestions. Would it be possible to show Amelie again, assuming that is the course of action the French Society want?

Rather selfishly, I could suggest some French horrors, I can think some other ones that are more renowned, may get a more general audience too:
La Haine
The Artist
La vie en rose
Les diaboliques

La vie en rose is a good shout because we’ve never screened it.

The Artist deserves to be shown again.

I’d expect Breathless (À bout de souffle) to get the largest audience of any New Wave film.

Hidden (Caché) is a relatively well-known French-language film from Austrian director Michael Haneke. It’s nearly ten years since we showed it.

@stevela, we’ve a bunch of films now - would you be able to ask about some of them, and see what we can actually get?

I’ve asked about some of them, will hopefully get a response within a couple of days.

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Excellent - thank you.