Future films we can't wait for

Please take the time on here to list some of the films, due to be released in the next few years you’re simply drooling over:

Jurassic Park IV
He Man
X men III
Indiana Jones IV
Rainbow 6
Da Vinci Code
The A Team
Snakes on a Plane …PLEASE READ THIS
Day Watch
Splinter Cell
Spiderman III
Casino Royale

You get the idea… basically anything with a number bigger than 2 on the end.

Snakes on a plane really is about … snakes on a plane. Hmm, complex.

Well, if they really are making His Dark Materials into films they would be amazing.

I would like more original films in general. It seems to work that an original is great, a sequel is good, a third one is ok and then on down into the depths of crapness. Although, I am quite into all the Xmen stuff :slight_smile:

i don’t know whether to look forward in earnest to the transformers epic or not… ok, i do know that it’ll probably be pants, but it was an awesome prog for a 7 year old boy growing up (back in the 90s :!: :slight_smile: ) so it might be quite nice and nostalgic for me :slight_smile:

on a more serious note, X3 should be good, i think the gaps on that series aren’t to bad… not looking forward to Indiana Jones though, way too big a gap!

We’ll just have to look forward to all of them and be a bit disappointed with quite a few!

Nice topic, altho can’t believe Sin City 2 hasn’t been mentioned yet! I’m hopin it’ll kick as much ass as the first one!

Almost forgot about that, if sin city 2 is even a tenth as good as the first one then it’s gonna be awesome

Yes, Sin City 2. Is there a release date for it yet?

I believe Sin City 2 is due for release on 18th August :smiley:

As for Transformers, hmmm not sure - live action Thunderbirds sucked so badly, i hope Michael Bay does a better job than Jonathan Frakes, and they need to come up with a decent story. I think it’ll be released next year, as will any new installment of Indiana Jones, Spider-Man or James Bond, but i haven’t heard of a new He-Man film.

X3 - hoping that’ll be great although really annoyed that the whole team (not including the cast thank goodness - apart from Cyclops but he should return anyway) was ripped away to do bloody Superman Returns, which i am boycotting!

There are also some other cool-looking films coming out this year that haven’t been mentioned, including M:I-III! That looks damn good, judging by the trailer anyway, and could be the best yet. Great cast (Michelle Monahan from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Simon Pegg from Shaun of the Dead, new BAFTA-winner Philip Seymor Hoffman to name but a few - oh yeah and Tom Cruise)

American Dreamz (as recommended by Seb) - American Idol piss-take, trailer looks bizarre, Hugh Grant plays a version of Simon Cowell and Dennis Quaid does the same for George Bush (they don’t use their actual names)

The Inside Man (also recommended by Seb) - Clive Owen takes a bank hostage, looks interesting.

Also for Rachel, His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass is due for release in 2007, and apparently Philip Pullman wants Nicole Kidman to star…

Anyways i could go on all night - need to get back to work!

Mirrormask (directed by Dave McKean and cowritten by McKean and Neil Gaiman, produced by Lisa Henson, starring Rob Brydon, Gina McKee, Stephanie Leonidas) is due for general release on 3rd March. I managed to see it a few weeks back at an independent film festival in Birmingham, and it’s excellent. Really really good. Visually spectacular (if you know Dave McKean’s work then, well, it’s like that, and if you don’t then it’s not like anything else you’ve seen), interesting and imaginative story packed full of originality, and good acting.

Sunday Telegraph review here.

The next Police Academy Movie and sequel to Sex Lives of the Potato Men are top of my list.

Seriously though, I’m looking forward to whatever Wong Kar Wai’s next is (My Blueberry Nights and The Lady From Shanghai according to the imdb) and the next Batman film, provided it’s at least as good as Batman Begins.