Gaming social

@reecegoodall politely requests a social where we play VIDYA GAEMS in L3 to replace the supposed one that should have happened last year and didn’t.

@OrangeLad, in your court.

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Okay, I was thinking of some kind of games day. I could put something
together for week 10, but depending on what kind of video games it may be
worth teaming up with the gaming society and running a competition on the
big screen in L3 during freshers or just after. A
swap-equipment-for-advertising-kinda-thing perhaps.

Sound good?

Bad idea to do anything in week 10. Outdoor screening hassle/stress is something you don’t want to tamper with. Perhaps the Wednesday of wk9?

^This is a great idea. I’d imagine the number of WSC crew/members attending would be small enough not to warrant a collaboration with a society.