Georgio Hitting the Big 3 figures

It’s about to happen, so a round of applause sir!


And I notice that your post count is on Nelson, Robert, so I’ll hop around for you.

Why thanking you sir. I’ve thoroughly ruined that now, but i appreciate the David Shepherd reference nonetheless! :stuck_out_tongue:

TRIPLE FIGURES! :smiley: I’d like to thank everyone for replying and not leaving me to ramble to myself as I try to post more than Richard. Only 41 posts to go!

You have stormed through the field like Michael Schumacher after a 10 second drive through penalty!

Well done George. I will give a toast to you from St Albans.

Giving him a slice of toast may be more applicable for the occasion, but still… i guess all’s good in love and war :slight_smile:

By congratulating George, Rob has successfully gained another 4 posts. Looks like he is on his way to beat Winskill and get the top place in this forum.
By the way, congratulation George.
George is now the thrid person in the forum to hit 3-digit.


Do I get anything for a half century?

Can we get a guy dressed up (like the one in Adam’s avatar) for transformers?! and with james cotton’s friend’s mask :?: :!:

If we’re doing that Tom’s got to dress up as Harry Potter again though tomorrow!

Noooooo! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah go on tom, you know you enjoyed it!

Congrats George and I personally think everyone should dress up for the allnighter :smiley: Especially Tom and George!!!

Um Helen… this was a long time ago :lol: he’s nearly at 250 now :!: (thanks to a little race we’re having)

I say well done as well!