Gibbet Hill Road


This is going to result in absolute chaos. How can they warrant not letting people out of campus til 2pm, nor onto it after midday?! Wednesdays in particular are going to be fun!

That is gonna be mental! I thank god I live in canley as this all seems truly bizarre, tho getting to work is gonna be interesting at the weekend!

They’re letting people on and off campus all day the way that goes past westwood, it’s just the little road that goes from tesco past claycroft that’s restricted. Still gonna be bad for us though having to basically follow the stream of traffic all the way onto campus on foot :S

Ooh that’s a bit better then. I’m going to actually have to start paying attention when crossing roads now though which is gonna suck. I still don’t see why they couldn’t have waited until summer to do all of this!

Congestion on campus during the conference season reflects badly on the university and thus the folowing year’s conferences profit… call me a cynic…

Rob you are a cynic…but very likely to be correct

It’s true, though.

You appear to be forgetting that the rest of campus will be a building site during vacation anyway…