Goodbye Tesco, Hello Mega Tesco?

If it closes down temporarily, things could be sooo amusing…

If Tesco closes I’ll have to drive to the other side of Coventry every night to keep up to date with the latest cheap dvds (which somewhat defeats the purpose of them being cheap with petrol prices so high).

And where are we supposed to go for birthdays if not to the traditional filmsoc venue of the Big T? :shock:

(I know I sound crazy but Rob at least will know what I’m talking about)

absolutely… best place to have your 23rd birthday is the big t… that’s where i started mine :slight_smile: yikes i’m old :-p

I love the way the woman says:

After whinging and ranting for a good five minutes!

On a serious front, the university would be buggered… costcutter couldn’t possibly cope with the demands of about 9,000 people doing all of their shopping there… could be interesting :-s