Happy Rotter 5

Just thought i’d state that, whilst still not the best film of the summer, this is the best by a fair way… it’s shorter than the previous offerings, has less random rubbish (hence the run-time) and is darker :slight_smile: Certainly a one to watch if you’ve not got a lot to do and feel like watching a half decent film.

Still holding out to watch it in IMAX - so no one ruin the ending for me :stuck_out_tongue:

What, you’ve not read the books? :shock:

Indeed I have - I am a big fan. That is why my previous post was funny. Honest.

I read the latest installment in 6 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m impressed you did it in 6! It took me 10…although I was at my uncle’s silver anniversary party. I did get a few evils from him throughout the day…lol

Obviously his fault for having the party on the day the book came out, rather than yours for being engrossed in a book. He should’ve known better 25 years ago!

Unfortunately i was in the US so 6 hours behind anyway…
Then couldnt get it at midnight as it was the night of a wedding and had to clear up the next morning before i could go and get it. :frowning: