Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Trailer including lots of scenes from Part 2:

My family is going to be very sad when this series is over completely. :frowning:

There’s now a newer trailer featuring (what I think) is all 7.2 footage - doesn’t look too bad actually - almost as if they’ve made a ‘proper’ film!


So, it’s now made a serious f***-tonne of money. However, I think they’ve rather missed the point when they say:

Obviously, if the film’s sold out in 3D, you’re going to be more likely to see it in 2D than if you have the option of 3D viewing. And that’s something that was never likely to be an issue for Michael Bay bull-hinky!

That said, the 3D screening I saw of HP7.2 on Friday was only about 10% capacity :expressionless:

I went to one of the 12:00am showings in 3D and it wasn’t sold out. Both Ed and myself agree that 3D didn’t add anything too it, except make the atmospheric darkness greater.

Here’s how it should have ended:

“Or eight films…”
“You shall not pass!”

I’ve always said you could write a more interesting story in 5mins 16secs…