Heroes Season 3 Trailer

Even though there are only 4 ppl in filmsoc who watch this; check it out:

Although I can’t work out if it will be awesome or OTT. Hmm, ah well, you can never have too many bad guys (maybe).

Why so few? Heroes is awesome.

I keep meaning to try it but never seem to have got round to it. :frowning:

Is that because you are insanely busy and have no time to watch Heroes or do a spreadsheet of what DVDs you have or even compile a list of films you want shown in term 2, three months before the EPM?

Lol. I have no excuses other than apathy I’m afraid as I’ve been kind of meaning to watch it for ages.

Oooooohhhhh that looks kinda good!
That trailer means Nicky is alive then…no sign of Micah or the map-girl person yet…
That last bit with Claire and Peter looks wicked!

Woo that looks amazing! I’m loving Claire going bad at the end!

Damn. I might actually have to start watching this. Does anyone have the first series?

I have a couple of the episodes (I think I have the pilot and 5 random episodes in series 1 but not the whole thing :frowning: ). I have all of series 2 though :smiley: . I’ll see what I can rustle up for you when I get back to my computer and bring them along tomorrow at 2 pm. Hopefully I can get you started with a couple of the first few episodes and then you are on your own.

It does look good, I hope it is better than the 2nd series I was a bit disappointed with it, it was still awesome though! Did anyone else see Nathan in the trailer? I Thought I did but you never know as my screen is really crap!

You are full of lies, Aiden! :x

He is definitely in there. Although it could be a clip from the last series.

No I’m not! I explained to you yesterday that I have the pilot but it’s the one that has characters in who later get replaced with other actors so it wouldn’t make any sense i.e. not the televised first episode (I thought I might have that one, but don’t). I also have episodes 15, 16, 19, 20 and 23 but you have to watch them in order unfortunately :frowning: .

Okay… I retract my statement forthwith. :slight_smile: sweeps whole incident under carpet

More heroes goodness. It looks like Claire’s mum makes an appearance in the upcoming season.

Wow the beeb has put season 3 episode 1 online :smiley:

I’m liking this series so far :smiley: Everyone is going more psychotic than they ever were woohoo!