Hollywood's walk of fame - devalued?

So, look who they’ve just gone and given a star to:

I’m sorry, but they should be for the best, not just anyone who’s earned a lot of money - it’s not even like he’s that old and getting it in recognition of a whole career’s worth of work!

I have to agree with you on this. Almost all of his films have been bad (or at least disappointing). In over 15 years he’s only made 2 films with an IMDB score better than 7.5 and in one of those he was only a supporting character.

By fluke I happen to be watching a film he is in tonight - The Perfect Storm (also starring Clooney).

(Also; George, you can’t be far from Robbie status?)

I resent any defamation against Marky Mark’s artistic integrity. He is a demi-god of everything, as epitomised here.

Owen makes a wonderful point… as bad as Mark Wahlberg’s acting is, at least it has spared us from more of his ‘singing career’ :shock

I make it 15 posts and counting. I just need a further 985.

So that’s why the Mac’s staying on another four years!!!

I’m closer to it than the Mac.
Also, I like Wahlberg’s stuff. The remake of The Italian Job, whilst vastly inferior to the original, was a decent film. The first 3-4 reels of Max Payne weren’t that bad (shame about the ending though), similarly for The Departed.
Although it is true his acting career isn’t that big…

He had a large part in Boogie Nights.


I don’t know if I’m more shocked that the Mac made the joke or that I got it.