How many films have you seen?

…from the Empire 500 Best Films of All Time List?

Use this app on Facebook to find out. You don’t have to publish your results or sign up to any app if you don’t want to because it keeps track of your score as you go.

I got 171.

Have to say that the list is flawed in some ways; mostly, it’s that the list is really the top 500 most popular films as voted for by Empire readers and a selection of critics in 2008. Even so, I’d say at least 300/500 are worthy. And some of the lesser ones boosted my score, so I’m not complaining too much :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Rather an odd mix of films once you leave the top 100. I guess a film didn’t really need many votes to get on the bottom end of the list. There are quite a few strange omissions though such as Metropolis (probably the most famous silent film ever made), Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (Snatch and Layer Cake are both on there), Team America and the Birds.

I scored 191. When I’ve watched all of my DVDs that figure will be above 200.


I “only” got 165, but once I’ve watched all my DVD’s I’ll also be well in excess of 200 - it’ll just take me longer to do so than James!

257 :cry: Just under George’s (now) 259. If only I’d watched Singin’ in the Rain or Oldboy

This also stole an hour of time at work… :?

How did it take as long as an hour?

[quote=‘Klan’ pid=‘32055’ dateline=‘1302180380’]

Going back and checking what certain films were, using the links given which went to the* books* first. :roll: I’m not 100% sure… I think it led to me doing other things simultaneously but it was an hour since I’d last modified any work files… :?[hr]
Is it possible to see which films other people have seen?

I got 163, and like Owen unfortunately my score was boosted by some of the not so worthy top 500.