How to make the Olympics better!

Number 10 and 11 are my favourite.

Personally I’m a fan of 18 and 19! Twister wrestling would be so cool!

For making it more filmsoc oriented: 3, 11 and 12.

My favurite though has to be number 7… yes, i’m mature :-p

I like 18 and 11 although I think 12 is my favourite.

I think number 10 is wicked.

Canne de combat looks awesome.

I reckon from now on to be a qualified projectionist or DM you have to beat the Chief Proj or DM with a stick (no padding). It would make qualifications way more fun! Just think about it for a second.

Also I think elections should be settled with dueling pistols. However, we would have to find some dueling pistol champion called RON to make it more interesting.

How about turning the snaps test into a 4 day Battle Royale, with sticks…

(they’ll probably seem to go a lot quicker than they do now)

[size=7](and be slightly less pointless)[/size]

I thought that projectionists were only supposed to snap the film in a snaps test, not the qualifying projectionist…

Nowadays it takes 4 days set up the blinking thing.

How about if we replace the snaps reel with nitrate based film and then watch Alice and Betsy burn to the ground. With the insurance money we get a nice shiny new projector called Charlie. Charlie is a digital projector and BAM! Snaps tests last all of 2 hours. Hence no need for toilet breaks, lunch breaks, dinner breaks, sleep breaks, trainee projectionists making voodoo dolls of qualified projectionists breaks etc…

That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day…