Hugo: Apparently "Saving" 3D

According to the BBC, Hugo might be saving 3D. Here’s hoping it doesn’t…

Anyone planning to see it today?

It’s being realeased today?!?!?!?

I’ll second that.

More on this from the man himself:

Personally, I don’t mind 3D - especially when it’s done properly. The ones that really annoy me are those in which 3D adds nothing at all - effectively an afterthought…

It’s a pity we had to watch Lion King in 3D - I’m looking forward to filmsoc’s 2D screening next term!!!

I would agree but the problem I have with it is that after several years of 3D there are only 2 or 3 films where I felt 3D really added anything. For most you just had to wear annoying glasses and didn’t notice it (eg Toy Story 3) and for some it actually spoilt the film for me (Saw 7, Captain America).

The one good thing I’d say about 3D is that at least we’re going to get a rerelease of Star Wars in a few years…