Human Centipede II banned

Looks like Human Centipede 2 won’t be making it to the UK:

Must be pretty bad since even A Serbian Film got a classification (after cuts).

Is it bad that I would probably enjoy watching the sequel a lot more than the first? :huh:

For this and more gems of his anger, see the full interview at

THe sequel might have been banned, but you can pick up this rather awesome merchandise for just £12!

That said, I preferred the number 29 item on the list, especially for the comment under “Target Market” :lol:

We don’t get to see the film, but in other countries it has been passed (uncut in Australia!), so here’s a little teaser for all those who’re interested.

Warning: Contains spoilers to first film!

And finally we reach the inevitable conclusion!

Has everyone seen the Wikipedia article of the day?!

It received accolades? :dodgy: