In 20 words or less

“The best film on this term’s schedule is… because…”

Serenity, because it’s just the best film ever

Sin City because Die Hard isn’t on this term.

I’d have to contest Serenity being the best film ever - it was excellent and terrible in equal measure, in my opinion soz :shock:

Sticking to your word limit:

Sin City because it’s actually four awesome films in one, and has everything a growing boy needs :smiley:

(Sorry had to include a relevant Die Hard quote for George)

I have to admit that Sin City is a damn good film, but still… Serenity…

Not Serenity because Lawrence of Arabia, Sin City and Seven Samurai (amongst others) were better.

Not Serenity … because howe can you take that guy seriously when you’ve seen him in thigh high boots :stuck_out_tongue: ???

Because ‘you’ saw Serenity first, perhaps?

The best film on this terms schedule is …

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

I missed half of it and it was still fabulous! Good call mark :slight_smile:

Trainspotting, because it’s the only one I’ve actually turned up to watch so far…

Sorry. I’ve removed the “beer” word censor.

Cheers Rachel, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was indeed absolutely awesome; to quote my review it was a “trippyboldhilariousbreathlessviolentsexysmartsarcasticchaoticbloodydamngoodtime” :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny how apt that is despite the fact that i hadn’t seen the film before writing it! Ah well we’ll keep that on the down-low… The trailer was damn good to be fair!

(Sorry for exceeding your word limit there Rich, i got all caught up in the narrative)

surely something’s not the best film on the schedule just becuase it’s the only one you’ve seen?! :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked Corpse Bride to be honest, not necessarily the best, but i liked it 8)

Word limit? Wassat?

Roberto buddy, if I hadn’t just been in there, I’d have said you’ve lost your mind!!!

It’s a limit on words - word…limit… :stuck_out_tongue:
I don’t know what limit it is, though…

Sorry i thought it was obvious - the title of the post says so! :roll:

Oh! That word limit…

hahaha oops, silly jimmy e

IN twenty words or less … but the Quote from Marks review was A) a quote and thus not subject to the limit, and B) strictly speaking all one word.

ANyway, corpse bride was pretty good.

But I stand by my previous statement

Yay I can finally post something :smiley:

The Aristocrats:

laughed all by myself up in the proj box! Damn good original classic awesome superb movie, and of course funny!

There ya go, 20 words (do you think I used enough adjectives??)

you barely used any of the words present in any renditions of the joke

you should be ashamed thomas:P