…so I watched Inception tonight at the local Cineworld (£8!!!).

Whilst the film was enjoyable, it was far too dragged out. I feel that it could have well benefited from stripping some of the extraneous story line (at least, say, the chap they did it for not getting shot) to condense it.

Also, as my friend called it SPOILER ALERT the ending is a bit dick-ish.

Glad I watched; won’t buy the DVD.
Others thoughts?

Er, I think the real spoiler alert here (given that the comment on the ending is subjective) is in your brackets, Eduardo.

I quite liked it. It was a bit long, overindulgent and almost uninviting at times, but ultimately a smart and gripping movie.

I really enjoyed it. I didn’t really have any issue with length as it was quite varied. I wasn’t so keen on the final scene but I guess some people will like it. Possibly my film of the year so far (its Inception or Kick-Ass).

I’d give the film four stars (out of five). I was expecting it to be longer; it was about 135 minutes excluding the credits.

Here’s a rather awesome Lego version of several bits of Inception:

I didn’t actually think it was that good… especially when they tell you how many hours went into it!!!

Well… I really enjoyed it.

I was disappointed it was CGI and not actual Lego in stop motion.

Oh wait… I meant the film (rebuttal to the previous posts on this thread).

As to the lego… it was ok… I’m not a fan of anything that involves lego moving.