Iron Sky: More bad news!

The latest news from Iron Sky HQ is that Revolver (the UK distributor) are releasing Iron Sky for one day only!

Clearly, if this were to be the case, we wouldn’t be able to show it at all.

Let’s all email Revolver Entertainment ( and let them know what we think!


Strange. It’s surely got to be a publicity stunt as it doesn’t make huge amounts of sense otherwise. For a small film like Iron Sky would that mean the prints would be removed from distribution or that they’re only actively organising screenings on that day?

If it has a digital only release, they could load it up onto a relatively small number of drives, send them around in advance but issue very restrictive keys?

This sounds very interesting indeed, interesting and completely farcical. Could we not try to get hold of it for that one day only?

Fortune favours us that that is a Wednesday (specifically Wednesday week 5). Can we contact the Troys and see what deal Revolver with do for us if we book it on that day? How many big cinemas chains are going to change their schedules around with three weeks notice? (Well fair enough, they could.) It isn’t in our publicity, but we could do it big - facebook marketing, flyers, trailer before all of our films…

I wouldn’t want WSC to give the distributor any money for this outrageous move. If it’s a stunt, then the film will be available at a later date.


At least this is all happening early enough that it should be clear by the time we confirm the schedule whether it’ll need replacing or not.

This sounds like a very odd move. It’s basically direct to DVD with a few token screenings.

Hopefully most cinemas won’t be interested in showing it for one day and the idea will flop.

Some films will only have a limited cinematic release and be released on DVD a week or two later (Tucker and Dale was like this). The idea behind that is that they then get reviewed by the national press and get some free publicity. Limiting it to one day doesn’t make much sense though as they don’t really get anything out of it.

The DVD release date in this country is 28th May (3 weeks time).