It's not even released yet

… and they’re already planning to remake Let the Right One in!

I saw that and just thought that it was really sad. There’s something rather wrong in a world where people won’t go and see a film for its merits, but where it has to be tailored thoroughly to their needs, such as their language, as they can’t be doing with subtitles.

Makes the best foreign language oscar seem a bit pointless - we’ll soon be re-naming it:

‘the best foreign film in terms of income of the corresponding low budget american re-hash’


We can’t even blame Hollywood for this one. It looks like it’ll be a British led remake. :frowning:

And here we go.

Whilst changing the title a bit might help to distinguish it from the original, it does rather alter the meaning…

Hmmm… i think the biggest reason for me to watch that will be to see whether or not Kick Ass was a one off for Chloe Moretz, or if she’s the ‘next big thing’