Jason Statham

… has just joined The Killer Elite - how much better could it get than having the Stath :?: :!:

:slight_smile: For more Stath action next year, there’s also going to be the Mechanic and the Expendibles.

I watched Crank for the first time t’other night. Ridiculously funny stuff.

Crank 2 makes Crank seem sedate and serious…

Quite intriguingly, they have the same ranking on IMDb - 7.1 apiece.

Yeah, I’m looking forward to it now. Seems absurb that they could take it further! The writers must have had such fun.

[size=9]PS I like how Rob and George are both posting replies to all topics so as to draw equally closer to the big 1000 :P[/size]

I’ve already pipped both of them to 1000 posts, although it was followed by a complaint to the exec. It looks like Rob is gonna win :o .

Admittedly, this is a battle to come second, though with the added bonus of being the first to have acyually posted that many posts :!: