Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

-Rumours of bad reviews from film industry executives.
-Press conference held before the preview rather than after.
-No big post screening celebratory party.
-Lots of comments from people like George Lucas about how we shouldn’t get too excited about it.


Its not looking good. I’ll guess we’ll have to wait until Monday to find out for sure though.

You Lie!! As if George Lucas would say not to get too excited.

Off on a bit of a tangent here but whilst looking at Cate Blanchett on imdb I found this

Also what the hell is with this film she is doing :shock:

Benjamin Button looks incredible! its another Fincher-Pitt combo like fight club and se7en before it.

George, that does look bad, and there’s very probably a good explanation for all of those points… :lol:

Doesn’t sound as bad as all that according to this review from the BBC.

Interestingly, I read the lines:

So, i guess we’ll all just have to wait and see and make our own judgements :slight_smile:

Empire seem to have thought it was allright too:

The proper review should be online tomorrow apparently.

and the times! i think i shall like it anyhoo :slight_smile:

Well given the amount that we have often shown Indiana Jones films over the years there should be a reasonable audience for it ! Maybe it’s a question whether it does a double or not ?

I think it would probably do respectably as a doule in the absence of strong replacements.

To be honest I don’t think whether it was a double or not was ever an issue. Even if it turned out to be the worst film ever made (even worse than Blade Trinity :shock: ) it should still be on a double as more people would come to it than anything we could replace it with.

Seems like there could be more Indy offerings on the way too :slight_smile:

The BBC… again

The Empire review is online:

4 stars :smiley:

It sounds like its gonna be fun, just not the masterpiece that the previous three were. I think there is no doubt about it doing ok as a double. We certainly have nothing better to offer!

The Times have a good review too, so it is looking up!!

I also heard on the radio, but whether it is true is debatable!! That his life relies on a snake!!! We will have to wait and see!

I’m sure there’s a film quite recently that you said was even worse than Blade Trinity. Not that Blade Trinity is bad anyway… :?

The communist party of Russia are trying to ban Indy 4! Apparently they’re worried that young people will take the film as fact:

I’m worried that they think anyone would believe that!


I watched the film and I centainly enjoyed it. It is defintely an Indiana Jones film.

Me and Natalie have seen it too. It was a good fun film. Better than Temple of Doom although not quite as good as the Last Crusade or Raiders of the lost Ark.

(Plus we got free Indy playing cards with our popcorn 8) )

We? :roll:

So it’s really not all that bad at all then :?: :!:

I note from imdb that it’s currently got a commendable rating of 7.7 from 17,000 votes, so the masses seem to be enjoying it :slight_smile:

It is really not that bad, I really liked it even if it was a little ridiculous but that is what Indy is about anyway!

More good news on the Indy 4 front. It seems to have done well in the American box office: