Let the Right One In

This blatantly needs to go on our schedule sometime:

It’s a Swedish horror films that is highly praised by none other than Guillermo del Toro.

Awesome ! :smiley:

Cool. That looks like it might be quite good.

That looks truly excellent. 8) You found it just in time Aiden.

I saw Let the Right One In last night. It was a good film with a far more interesting approach to vampires than most films. Not sure its quite as amazing as its been hyped to be though (for example I thought the Orphanage, which got far less press attention, was better). However, I think it definitely deserves a place on our schedule. :slight_smile:

Quick, someone send an email to all members asking them to vote for it on the suggestions page :roll:

:? Am I missing something?

Twas a jibe at the Age of Stupid controversy but never mind.

i swear it had already been suggested for (and is on the provisional??) autumn schedule… :?

Lol. Natalie posted that in October. Most of this thread is quite old.

Indeed, it is rather controversial that it got onto the schedule after all that puggyness!

Maybe even salty.