License to chill!

Oh dear…

Indeed. Where do we buy them? :wink: :roll:

Deffo with them for number nine, though I wonder how David Cameron can be considered cool! I suppose it’s the Daily Mail…

Since when do you read the Daily Mail, Kathryn?

LMAO! The sculpture makes him look older in the hair, the mouth and gives him a slightly sinister look in his eyes. I definitely will not be getting my lips around that. :?

I know! He looks like a wizened, cut-in-half dwarf with wrinkly old skin!!

And Pierre, I don’t read it - only the gossip pages - they’re hilarious (blame my housemate last year who got me hooked.) Seriously, you get a spin on the ‘news’ unavailable in any proper newspaper! I mean, when would The Times write such a large article on limited-edition Daniel Craig suckables (or tardis coffins for that matter)?! :shock:

I love the way that Philip Schofield came tenth on womens list of who they’d like to suck on :!: