LVK gets slated

All is not looking good for Lesbian Vampire Killers.

In spite of its rather awesome title, the trailer gave the impression that it might well be pretty poor, and the reviews seem to confirm this, and some :!:

Yeah, I saw the trailer when I went to see Watchmen, and was very disappointed. Don’t think I sniggered once.
Might still be tempted to check it out though.

Empire don’t much like it either, but they do give it more stars than they gave Taken! I am probably not part of the target market for this film a) not liking horror films and b) being a female, but I think it looks rather rubbish.

I won’t have a choice about watching it. :frowning: The only choice I’ll have is whether I dislike it enough to not pay. I was quite looking forward to it till you lot. :frowning: However, I suppose that might mean I don’t have to pay, then I’ll be pleasantly surprised. :smiley:

Apologies Natalie, though i think that that puts you in the same boat as the rest of us :!:

From Kevin Maher’s review in The Times today:

“If there is a weaker British film released this year, this is officially the bar under which it will have to slide.”


I wanna see it. I think it looks good. I can’t beleive that something with James Corden in it coud possibly be that bad. I mean, ‘Dog Soldiers’ was bad, but in a good way. It might just be an aquired taste.

Hmmm… recently it seems that James Corden = Bad :?

but… but… it’s got Paul McGann in it! How can it be bad???

…um, let’s tally up shall we?

  1. It’s got Corden, from Corden and Horne in it.
  2. It’s got Horne, from Corden and Horne in it.
  3. It’s based around sem-naked women without any real plot.
  4. The jokes are almost non-existant.
  5. It’s got Paul McGann, of insurance settlement fame in it.