Following on from the X-Men trilogy and the soon to be released Wolverine, there is apparently a script in the midst for a new spin-off focussed around Sir Ian McKellan’s Magneto.

I like the X-Men series, but i’m rather dubious about this - after all… it took all of the x-men to stop him in the trilogy, so surely it’ll require a fair bit of their help to stop him here?

That said, i’m sure i’ll end up watching it at some point or other - though i’m not likely to pay to do so!

Well, maybe it will be about giving Magneto some backstory… and he was not that powerful back then (sort of cop-out).

I think the Magneto film has been knocking around for a while but seems to be having some trouble getting off the ground. I heard it was supposed to be a back story (like Wolverine’s).

I’m not sure if I heard it somewhere or just assumed it but I thought he wasn’t supposed to be the bad guy. I wouldn’t really describe him as bad in the films anyway (at least not in a moustache twirling sort of way) and he must have been a fairly good character in the first place since he’s supposed to be old friends with Xavier.

Perhaps, but he’s bad in the sense that you’ve got two groups of mutants, one of which wants their way via politics an the other via a certain level of violence (also known as politics :-p), but i’d say that makes him the bad guy.

I can’t disagree with that. I was more just making the point that you don’t have to turn things around much to make him the good guy of the film (or at least goodish guy).