Mama Mia!

Mama Mia has gone top of the UK box office again! :shock:

Admittedly there isn’t much competition from new releases but its still beating Hellboy 2 and the Dark Knight which haven’t been out as long.

Cool! Sounds like you’re suggesting a social, George. :wink:

Er no or to be more accurate over my dead body.

Sorry to step in on the domestic, but i have to say: it’s ABBA! Therefore what’s not to like? Admittedly the music bits outweigh any actual films bits, but really!

Indeed, you might well want to re-title the article, thoug the final paragraph of the BBC link does now add that:

[quote]Box office analysts Screen International initially reported that Mamma Mia! had made a return to the top spot before revising their final figures.


To be fair though the title of the article is fine (nobody has really talked about anything other than Mama Mia so far after all), its just the first post which is wrong.

I have seen it. And despite not being a great movie, it is very very much fun!

Yeah way to go Pierre!

It’s not sung by ABBA. The songs I’ve heard from the soundtrack sounded rather dull.