Mamma Mia keeps on going

…it’s now become the highest grossing British film at the UK box office…

Now for it to take up the overall highest taker in the UK from Titanic, prior to taking over the world…


PS: Here’s the BBC link, if you’re interested!

I can’t believe its still going. Its up to 50th in the all time world wide box office records on IMDB and isn’t that far off making more money than Casino Royale in 43rd! :shock:

Maybe we should have tried to show it this term :roll:

I can’t remember who pointed this out but since its still on general release (it still has 4 showings a day at the Showcase) we may well not have been able to get it this term anyway.

Can we get the sing a long version for next term (if it’s not STILL on general release) ?? We could get people to dress up Abba style!

Are you aware that it was discussed at the EPM but that now you’re backing it, we may not do it in the end? :stuck_out_tongue:

My taste in movies is exemplary! And you may have been aware that I was absent on said day due to me being stuck at work :frowning: What else did I miss?

As Sex and the City didn’t do very well it was decided to hold a “death week” next term. :wink:

I still think we should be calling it Bleeding Week :slight_smile:

Anyone who plays Mumma Mia is going to have fun making up as I imagine the print may be a bit worse for wear !

… and more records!! BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Mamma Mia! 'fastest-selling DVD'

One in seven: that’s astonishing.

There goes Titanic’s record. :shock:

For a second there, you had me worried that it had just topped this list :!:

Hmm…That list is horrifically skewed towards new films by inflation. Has anybody made a list adjusted for inflation, or that simply uses the number of tickets sold? (Perhaps even number of tickets sold over world population since that’s been increasing as well!)

I’ve found this: but it only uses US takings.


and another record!! BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Mamma Mia! tops all-time DVD list