Mega Shark vs Crocosauras

For those of you who weren’t bored enough by Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus here is the sequel!!!

I truly hated the first but I’m a little tempted by the sequel…

We know at least one good thing’s in it - Robert Picardo. :smiley:

Though worryingly, he is unlisted in imdb. :expressionless:

Niks says: This doesn’t look as believable as the first one :smiley:

I had a nightmare about this film. I went to a theme park with Crocosauras as an exhibit. Things took a turn for the worse when one of the punters got eaten. It only got really horrifying though when I realised I’d spent over £2000 for the tickets! I was wondering whether I could get a refund because I’d seen someone get eaten. Guess it’s a sign I’m getting older…

Looks like another gem of the same ilk has just been released, but with some A-list b-list celebrities… :slight_smile: