Merry Christmas you lot!

I leave you with this gem:

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year x


Why is it almost always that song that they use though? I’m guessing it must be pretty big in america, as there are so many more options that would make more sense for us (if you could possibly make sense of spending nearly £10,000 to do that to your house :!:slight_smile:

If I tune to 88.7 MHz in Sheffield I get exactly what I want: Radio 2.

It wouldn’t be Christmas if there weren’t a link to this seasonal necessity.

And just to link that back into Kathryn’s post, i give you this little ‘gem’ :slight_smile:

So true.

Happy Christmas everyone! (Hehe it is now midnight in France so I am entitled to say it!! :twisted: )

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! :slight_smile:

Merry Crimbo one and all :!:

Merry Xmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone xx

slightly late, but merry xmas all

Heres the xmas lights music video that started all the others off: