Masterpiece or a bit slow?

I kinda found it a bit of both, definitely worth seeing tho. :slight_smile: especially when you follow it up with lots of pizza, coke and a chocolate “fondoo”! :smiley:

See you all on Monday guys and girls :slight_smile: :mrgreen:

Not sure if it is quite a masterpiece but I did really enjoyed it. The only part that I found a bit slow was the last fifteen minutes but that may have been partly because I saw it last weekend as well.

I haven’t seen it, so can’t comment…

Although I seem to have found a way.

It was cool I enjoyed it, and I wish I looked as sexy as Eric Bana in that hat. Geoffrey Rush - thats who that bloke was!!! Some beautiful images, like the silhouette’s of them all on that bench. A tad cliched in parts I guess, and the 2nd sex scene was just wierd. Strange to have a John Williams score that didnt sound like him at all.

I enjoyed Munich but it certainly isn’t a masterpiece. I agree that the soundtrack sounded nothing like John Williams; I was quite surprised when his name appeared on the credits.

I think Munich was good, but probably not worth seeing twice.

I was also surprised to see John Williams’ name in the credits, but then it does make sense being a Spielberg film…

I’m watching it at the moment…didn’t realise quite how long it was so I’m gonna have to split it up over two days. I’ll get back to you

We didn’t have the luxury of watching it over two days at the cinema.