Narnia 2

… is pretty awesome!
Well, it’s a bit slow to get into the action, but once you get there, it is just amazing! The battle scenes are the best I have seen on the big screen.
Bit weirder than the first one, but without the odd Father Christmas thingy, so… erm… go and see it people! :wink:

Better than those in The Two Towers and The Return of the King?

I saw it yesterday with Natalie. It was a good film. Better than the first one (although I did enjoy that one too). The Battle scenes were quite impressive and surprisingly brutal for a film with no blood :? . Not sure they’re the best ever but then I don’t tend to think of Lord of the Rings as having the best battle scenes ever either.

My thoughts on it will be in my review of it. :wink:


Better than those in The Two Towers and The Return of the King?[/quote]

Actually there’s that scene when they attack the castle at night which is sort of like Helm’s Deep from the attacker’s POV, and it is much much much better than LotR - as you actually realise there has been careful planning in the attack and it naturally moves from one stage to the other… as opposed to LotR’s wave upon wave of different creatures/races attacking.
Mind, The Pelanor fields battle still looks very impressive - so I’d say it’s a tie with that one.

I watched this tonight with the 'rents. (For some reason any Narnia is a Christmas movie in my house).

Really enjoyed (but I would, its magical) - yes, I’m a bit slow in watching it!

Though Peter not returning will save us from yet more of his acting!

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