New £20 notes

For those of you with some money, who’ve seen these very purple new monies, what do you think :?: :!:

I only found out about them today. I thought for a minute that I’d been given fake money (then it occurred to me that fake money ought to have some similarity to the real thing).

I’ve not seen one yet. My best chance to see one - maybe even to *hold * one - will be at the casino later this week.

The first time I had to cash up at work with them I was like WTF! But they are kinda pretty once you get over the fakelook about them. I’ve had £300 in one shift so I’m used to them now :slight_smile:

The old Chief Duty Manager would have known that he’d be trusted with the purple monies of others :lol:

I think they’ve ruined it. The old style was much nicer.

Plus I don’t think it will be as easy for the partialy-sighted to distinguish the three of them if £5 and £10 change to this style; if was specifically mentioned on the Bank of England website (I was bored one time…) that to try to help partially sighted people the notes got bigger as the price rose, they were a different prominent colour, and they had big bold numbers. There might be more, but that’s all I can remember.

My opinion is they are fake looking and how the hell do they decide who gets to be on them, I thought it was usually somebody famous and the guy they’ve chosen is a nobody!

I’ve cashed my first one in Oxfam yesterday. They don’t look any prettier (but I like the sort of engraved 20) - and I largely preferred the big bod letters for “£20”.
However, if one of you really doesn’t like them, I’d be happy to help you get rid of it!
Oh, and concerning the famous thing? At least you’re sure that one of the two faces you see on it is famous. We don’t have that chance in other regimes :cry:

That was clearly your lot’s fault for having a revolution. And selling out to Brussels. :stuck_out_tongue: