New and inventive ways to screw up a film showing

The projectionists at Odeon managed to forget they were showing Crank 2 this evening…


That beats hands down the muppet who was projecting Let the Right One In at Cineworld.

Hang on - what happened then? Late start? Or no start at all?

It ended up running about 10 minutes or so late.

Nothing too dire then. Not as bad as projecting the reels in the wrong order :roll:

And customers had to seat themselves in pitch black. My mistake. By the light of mobile phones! :roll:

That would NEVER have happened in the Student Cinema.

It was worth the wait, though.

Titanic’s going down!

Titanic’s hitting an iceberg!

Titanic’s going down!

The Tarantino style showing of History Boys was quite bad too. Especially since nobody realised until afterwards…

Then there’s always the option of a little white noise in closer…

Having recently seen closer, I wish the DVD had come with that option - it was a bit on the sleepy-dull side :frowning:

We noticed when reel 5 is shown the second time around!

It was the other way round. Alternatively, how about a bit of Inland Empire in The Painted Veil?

A new entry in ways for a show to be screwed up:

Some random person walking in on a film (such as Milk) and turning the lights on at a crucial moment then keeping the DM talking outside for long enough so that he misses what happens (such as an assassintion).


Some random person walking in on a film (such as Milk) and turning the lights on [/quote]

Turning the lights on??
How very dare they? Don’t they see there’s a film on? Did the audience boo?

Odeon had a bit of a Xananas moment last week. 6pm and they’d already run out of popcorn! :o

I think that was a move by the local stewards to avoid having to clear it up :smiley: